A Boutique Approach

We're in this for the fun of it!  That means that we don't have large quantities of stock, we can make things to order, and we put a little love into every piece we make!  If you see something you like grab it quick, because unlike a store it won't be around forever, and you might be the only one to rock it. 

A Labor of Love

Like we said we're in this for the fun of it.  We have lives, families, jobs and more beyond this passion project.  We're doing this because we're proud of our Wisco Girl heritage and we want to share that pride with others.   

Our Brand is for Everyone

Let's be honest.  There are other products like ours out there.  So what makes us different?   

Well like we said we are putting our passion into our brand and that means that we want you to be happy, so if something doesn't fit let's make it right!  

It also means that we believe that this brand should be inclusive and representative of anyone and everyone who wants to show their #wiscopride.  We are activists and allies and there will be times you see that come out in our brand because as business owners we have a responsibility to our communities and the people we represent.