Devils Lake, Wisconsin


We're so happy you found us!  We want to welcome you to Wisco Girl Boutique, we specialize in apparel and home goods that are meant to showcase your #wiscopride.  Everything is done in a boutique fashion, which means that what you see won't last forever, so get a style or design you love while you can!

About Us


 Just a couple of Wisconsin girls doing what we love!  It all started with one mug, two friends, and a lot of gumption and courage to try something new!  We're both from Wisconsin, born and raised, but we've lived other places in the country.  However, we couldn't help but to come home to the state that we love. 

Our Philosophy


 We believe that our brand is for EVERYONE and EVERY BODY!  We will do our best to make sure that our sizing and beyond is inclusive and that our brand reflects ALL people in ALL forms.  We believe everyone should be able to show their #wiscopride.  

Are you from Wisco?


This is Petey.  He isn't from Wisconsin, he is from Texas, but that doesn't stop him from showing his #wiscopride by eating all of the cheese he can!  He found his family and his forever home here in Wisconsin and he is loved by pretty much all who meet him.  

Consider him our mascot if you will! 


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Have some great ideas?

We're just starting out and we'd love her some ideas that you have.  What products do you want?  How do you like to show your Wisco pride?

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